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Celebrating 20 Years of Business

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

We started PROCare in October 2001

We had no idea of the journey we were about to undertake, only a raw passion to succeed and help to make a difference with our customers lives.

How time flys! It only seems like yesterday that myself and Anthony decided to give up our full time jobs and set up PROCare.

Twenty years later what a journey we have had.

We have grown from a small local business to a national supplier who have won some of the most prestigious contracts and awards within our sector.

We have met some amazing people and formed great relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues who are truly part of the PROCare family.

Success never comes easy and is never achieved alone.

Our toughest challenge to date was coming through Covid 19.

We worked every day throughout these challenging times, delivering goods and services ensuring vital supplies remained intact.

This is a true testament of our teams strength, passion and resilience.

We are proud of our teams work ethic and the success we have all achieved.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, supply partners and customers for your support over the last twenty years and we look forward to working together towards the next milestone.

Both myself and Anthony would like to recognise all members of our PROCare team for your hard work, passion and commitment to PROCare and our cause.

Brian & Anthony



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