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l Wallboards

Propanel cream wallboard roomset
Wall panel pro Cracked Cement FIBO M6060 roomset

Traditional British Manufacturing

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l PROPanel


PROPanel Classic wall panels are 9mm waterproof plywood core with a high pressure decorative laminate bonded to the face. Available in standard and premier surfaces we have a wide selection of colours and textures designed to complement the interior décor of any bathroom or wet room. With gloss or textured finishes, we offer a range of natural stone, precious stone and marble effects. As an alternative to using end caps, our Classic waterproof wall panels can be 'lipped' with a PVC edge to complement your chosen decor.

Propanel 049 Frost White wall board swatch
Propanle unlipped Travertine 3526 swatch
Propanel unlipped G85 White Gloss swatch

2400 x 1200

Unlipped 049 Frost White

CODE: 283-00034

2400 x 1200

Unlipped 3526 Travetine

CODE: 283-00036

2400 x 1200

Unlipped G85 White Gloss

CODE: 283-00040

l PROPanel Profiles

PROPanel Profiles


PROPanel Profiles

PROFile Internal Corner

2450 Type 'A' Polished CP

Code: 283-00013

2450 Type 'A' Satin

Code: 283-00015

2450 Type 'A' White

Code: 283-00016


Propanle profile internal corner type A

l Type 'A'

PROPanel Sundries

l PROPanel Sundries



PRO Grab Panel Adhesive

- Per Tube

Code: 283-00001


PROGrab multi panel high grab-adhesive 290ml MPADHS adhesive

l Wall Panel PRO

Wall Panel PRO

PROPanel has an extensive and carefully selected range of colours and decors which are designed to reflect your every mood and will be sure to enhance any environment.

Classic Range

Contemporary Tile Range

Contemporary tile range wall board 600mm white tile S
Classic range wall board 600mm Santiago tile

Wall Board 600mm

White Tile S

CODE: 282-00004

Wall Board 600mm

Santiago Tile
HG F2586-F22

CODE: 282-00023

Marcato Tile Range

Marco tile range 600mm wallboard grey concrete

Wall Board 600mm

Grey Concrete

CODE: 282-00043

Timeless Range

Timeless range 600 ewall board frost blue S F544

Wall Board 600mm

Frost Blue S F544

CODE: 282-00015

Timeless range 600mm wallboard ivory HG F520

Wall Board 600mm

Ivory HG F520

CODE: 282-00016

Timeless range 600mm wall board toscana HG F506

Wall Board 600mm

Toscana HG F506

CODE: 282-00017

Timeless range 600mm wall board gavot HG F505

Wall Board 600mm

Gavot HG F505

CODE: 282-00019

Timeless range 600mm wall board crystal white gloss HG F110HG

Wall Board 600mm

Crystal WH Gloss HG F110HG

CODE: 282-00032

Timeless range Wall Board 600mm sugar sparkle F1050 HG

Wall Board 600mm

Sugar Sparkle

CODE: 282-00047

Signature Range

Signature range 600mm wall board white marble 2273-M00

Wall Board 600mm

White Marble 2273-M00

CODE: 282-00045

Signature 600mm wall board Cracked Cement

Wall Board 600mm

Cracked Cement 2204-F00

CODE: 282-00046

Scandinavian Range

Scandinavian Range 600mm wall board White Tile S T2094-M63

Wall Board 600mm

White Tile S T2094-M63

CODE: 282-00029

Scandinavian range wall board Kalahari T4098-M64

Wall Board 600mm

Kalahari T4098-M64

CODE: 282-00040

PRO Sundries

l PRO Sundries


Base Profile Wet Floor

Base Profile Wetfloor & Tray

Code: 282-00001


Base Profile RSABP Wet Floor & Tray Compatible
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