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l Showroom

Approved Assessment Centre

We have an approved Assessment Centre used by the NHS within our showroom in Wigan, where customers can view and try out our products, in conjunction with our team of professional Occupational Therapists (OT), in advance of any referral or specification. Being an independent company, we are able to give professional, honest and trustworthy advice and supply OT approved and specified products which best suit the individual needs
of the customer

We are unique within our industry in providing a Survey and Design team that includes fully qualified Building Surveyors and experienced ex-trades people alongside our team of in-house Occupational Therapists, who can offer invaluable clinical advice and referral service, product specification, bathroom design and development skills and knowledge.

Product Installation Training

PROCare see the benefit in helping improve our customers knowledge of installing PROCare’s products. The greater the knowledge, the greater the benefit to reducing installation error and costly call out fees. We know that we could provide you with a wide variety of product training which relates to bathroom adaptations.


If you contact our sales team and advise how many people you would like to attend the training days,  we will book you the spaces and send you confirmation. If you cannot afford to send the full number of staff, we carry out these sessions every month and if it suits your business better, we can plan a number of operatives to attend over a number of sessions.


Occupational Therapy Assessments

Approved Assessment Centre used by the NHS in our showroom in conjunction with Occupational Therapists



Product Assessment

Product Assessments to ensure the products meet your needs


Installation Training Days

Training days in our Approved Assessment Centre

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