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l Accessories

Traditional British Manufacturing

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Grohe Essentials Chrome Accessories Pack
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l Fans


PC5-5yr Low Voltage Fan/Bathroom 

Code: 275-00003

PC5-5yr Mains Voltage Fan/Kitchen

Code: 275-00004
  • Unique patented cartridge system

  • Filter less technology

  • Ultra-Low Watt motor technology

  • Patented helical power expansion chamber

  • Automatic vapour tracking function

  • Low maintenance

kitchen fan

l Lights


PROLight Windsor 12/18kW

Code: 277-00001
  • Switchable between 12kW and 18kW to suit bathroom or kitchen

  • White Polycarbonate base, diffuser and bezel

  • Luxeon 3030-2D LUMILED

  • Saving up to 87%

  • 320mm diameter x 90mm height

  • Resistant to shock and vibration

  • Flicker free and instant full output lighting

  • Sealed to IP54 for harsh internal and external environments

windsor PROLight

l Heater/Towel Rail

l Heater

Dimplex Bathroom Fan Heater

Code: 999-00197
  • 2kW maximum output

  • 2kW or 1kW output selectable on installation

  • Pull cord operation

  • Neon indicator

  • Energy-saving thermostat switches output down to 1kW once room is warm (functions on 2kW setting only)

dimplex bathroom fan heater

l Accessories Pack

Accessoris pack
Grohe accessories pack

GROHE Essentials Accessories Pack

Code: 76-00009
  • Available as separate items

  • GROHE StarLight® chrome finish

  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Super resistant against scratches and soiling

  • Quality, technology, design and sustainability

l Mirror



500mm x 600mm - Code: 81-00003

400mm x 900mm - Code: 81-00002

600mm x 600mm - Code: 81-00004

400mm x 600mm - Code: 81-00012

450mm x 350mm - Code: 81-00021

S6810 Mirror Fixing Brackets

Code: 81-00005
  • Polished 6mm Glass

  • Safety backed, can be wall mounted using fixing clips

PROCare mirror
Bio Bidet

l Bio Bidet

  • Remote control

  • 3 in 1 nozzle

  • Deodoriser

  • Turbo wash

  • Heated seat

  • Pulsating massage

  • Power saving

  • Oscillation

  • Hydraulic seat

  • Self-cleaning

  • Seat sensor

  • Air drying

  • Built in filter

  • Self-diagnosis

  • Feminine wash

  • Posterior wash

Bio Bidet

Bio Bidet BB1000

Code: 141-00001
Access Panels

l Plastic Access Panel

Handy access panel size details for the 8 sizes;

  • 100 x 150mm suits a 105 x 155mm aperture 

  • 150 x 150mm suits a 155 x 155mm aperture 

  • 150 x 230mm suits a 155 x 235mm aperture 

  • 200 x 200mm suits a 205 x 205mm aperture

  • 300 x 300mm suits a 305 x 305mm aperture 

  • 350 x 350mm suits a 355 x 355mm aperture 

  • 450 x 450mm suits a 455 x 455mm aperture
    - The only 450mm on the market suitable for ceiling use

  • 560 x 560mm suits a 565 x 565mm aperture
    - For wall use only

closed plastic access panel
open plastic access panel



The plastic access panels provide the perfect solution access to services or repairing damaged walls and ceilings. The plastic access panel the trade uses are suitable for access to: None fire rated flue inspection hatches (for fire rated inspection panels) plumbing and central heating services, electric switches and concealed controls. The plastic ceiling panel or plastic wall panel is produced from UV stable ABS, the white finish will not discolour, however the surface is finely textured for a paint or wallpaper finish if required. The 25mm picture frame corners are rounded for an added safety feature. 

airBody Dryer

l airBody Dryer®

airBody Dryer®

Code: 270-00001

The airBody Dryer® uses innovative technology to dry you before you leave the shower. The drying action is effective and efficient due to the air pores that are positioned at different heights along the body dryer leg. The airflow increases the rate of evaporation from the skin and ensures the whole body is evenly dried.

The unique design, consisting of the pod, which houses the raw mechanics of the dryer and the high-powered motor and heater create the hot air that flows down the leg and is then emitted via the tear-drop pores. Overall the unit is designed to fit neatly into the corner of a shower cubicle or wet room.

Fitting and maintaining the airBody Dryer® is extremely easy. It fits neatly into shower cubicles, the leg can be reduced in size for a varied range of situations, for example over the side of an existing bath. A suitably certified electrician will have no
issues connecting the dryer up safely. The ABS plastic is a hard wearing, durable material, found in cars, vacuums and body dryers. Only a little amount of soapy water or good quality detergent is required to keep the dryer looking new. After the guarantee expires on your airBody Dryer® there is the option of buying an extended warranty to rejuvenate your dryer.

Airbody Dryer in Shower
Bathroom AirBodyDryer WHITE
Bathroom AirBodyDryer BLACK
Bathroom AirBodyDryer CREAM




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