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Pumps to Create the Perfect Shower Room without Compromise



l Shower Waste Pumps

Traditional British Manufacturing

Traditional Bristish manufacturing UK flag

The Whale automatic shower drain kit is available with 12 pump speed settings, Active Link diagnostics and Whale Whisper gulley options.

l Whale Switch Connect Tray Kit

Whale BP1558BB Switch Connect Kit - 285-00001

  • External Flow Switch (BP1558B)

  • 12 pump speed settings designed to suit electric and mixer showers

  • Adjustable pump speed minimises gulley suction noise

  • High performance - draws 3 metres from gulley

  • Quiet gulley - Whale® Whisper wet floor gulley option available (BP1578)

  • Extra flow switch available for mixer showers

Whale Switch Connect Tray kit image
Whale Switch Connect Tray Kit Working Diagram

To minimise gulley noise the Whale Instant Match Kit offers wired and wireless connection across the Mira Advance Flex Extra range. A digital signal sent from the shower automatically adjusts the pump speed in relation to the flow rate of the shower.

l Whale Instant Match Kit

Whale SDP134TB Instant Match Kit - 285-00002

Whale Flow Switch - 286-00003

  • SDP134T offers digital monitoring of flow rate

  • Wired or wireless control option

  • Built in flood reduction system (Wireless Only)

  • Quick, secure pairing with variable matched speed

  • No flow switch/flow sensor installation required

  • Whisper Gulley included - Quiet operation

  • Compatible with alternative showers with internal flow sensor

whale instant match kit
Whale Instant Match Kit Working Diagram

Designed specifically to solve shower drainage problems when using mixer showers in modern wetrooms, allowing you to create your ideal bathroom without compromise

l Whale Instant Match Kit Premium

Whale Instant Match Premium Pump - 285-00006

Whale Flow Switch - 286-00003

  • Quiet operation with built in anti-vibration mounts

  • ​Latest Switch Mode technology in transformer

  • Lightweight all in one unit

  • Plug and Play operation

  • Standby power 0.45W

  • For mixer showers

Whale Instant Match Kit Premium image
Whale Instant Match Premium Kit Working Diagram
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