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The Brand New Duo-HexDec Is Here!

hexdec duo purple wet floor former with geometrical underside and two waste options

It’s finally arrived! We are pleased to welcome our new rotatable waste DUO-HexDec to the family! 

The Duo-HexDec shares all the features of the original Hex Dec with the added benefit of over 11 different waste positions to combat any underfloor obstructions.

The underside section is polygon in shape, which helps to lock and secure the insert within the former. 

Whichever size and waste insert you choose, you can be assured that we have increased the central area of the Duo-HexDec by over 30%!

hex dec duo geometrical underside
hex dec duo birds eye view

hexagons divider

hex dec duo integrated waste topside

Hex Dec Duo will come with the integrated waste as standard, which is a unique insert and dish assembly – now including 6 stud clamps instead of 4 for additional strength.

hex dec duo waste underside

If you prefer the standard insert though, no problem – that’s why we have more than one choice!

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hex dec duo size options: 1000 x 1000, 1150 x 750, 1200 x 1200, 1300 x 800, 1400 x 900. 1500 x 800, 1700 x

Contact us today to find out more!

01942 206004



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