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Dual Purpose


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Invisible Creations

Our Design for Dignity™ Range

Good design should reflect the diversity of people who use it and not impose barriers of any kind. The current adaptations market lacks choice, fosters negative attitudes towards ageing and disability, and fails to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of the people in our communities.

By taking a more inclusive approach to the design and management of the built environment, the frustration and hardship experienced by many – including disabled people, older people and families with young children – can be overcome. We all benefit from an environment designed in line with inclusive principles.


A dual-purpose product that incorporates all of the support of a grab rail with the style and functionality of a mirror.

The Mirror

97-00003 - Brushed

97-00011 - Anthracite

97-00019 - Polished

invisible creations logo
Invisible Creations Chrome Landscape Mirror picture

97-00003 - Mirror - Brushed

97-00011 - Mirror - Anthracite

97-00019 - Mirror - Polished

97-00012 - External Rail - Brushed

97-00004 - External Rail - Anthracite

97-00020 - External Rail - Polished

97-00002 - Corner Shelf - Brushed

97-00010 - Corner Shelf - Anthracite

97-00018 - Corner Shelf - Polished

97-00001 - Left Hand Toilet Roll Holder - Brushed

97-00009 - Left Hand Toilet Roll Holder - Anthracite

97-00017 - Left Hand Toilet Roll Holder - Polished

97-00025 - Right Hand Toilet Roll Holder - Brushed

97-00026 - Right Hand Toilet Roll Holder - Anthracite

97-00027 - Right Hand Toilet Roll Holder - Polished

97-00022 - Riser Rail - Polished

97-00006 - Riser Rail - Brushed

97-00014 - Riser Rail - Anthracite

97-00021 - Raised Push Button - Polished

Homes for Living

Homes for Living is a scheme designed to support your mobility, wellbeing and independence, offering free and attractive home aids and equipment designed to give you more freedom in your home. We've secured Government funding and we're working in partnership with Invisible Creations®, PROCare and Newcastle University.


Apply for the Homes For Living Scheme

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