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l Glass Shower Screens

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Traditional British Manufacturing

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l Elegance Shower Screens


Our Elegance shower panels are very versatile and can be supplied in a range of sizes and combinations to compliment our shower trays and wet floors. Choose a screen set or a single panel to provide you with an easy access contemporary design.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for corner and walk-in shower enclosures

  • Fully reversible

  • Height: 1950mm

  • Colour: Silver

  • 6mm toughened (safety) glass

  • AllClear easy clean coating

  • ​High headroom overhead bracing bar

l Elegance Glass Panel & Kicker Leaf Sizes

Elegance Glass Panels

  • Available in a range of sizes

  • Height 1950mm

  • Colour: Silver

  • 6mm tougheed glass

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l Elegance Kicker Leaf Shower Screens


Our kicker leaf offers a pivot door, which prevents water over-spray, whilst allowing maximum access into the showering area.

The Elegance Kicker Leaf creates the perfect and practical shower solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully reversible

  • 25mm adjustability

  • 6mm toughened (safety) glass

  • AllClear easy clean coating

  • High headroom overhead bracing bar

  • Visible door edge for safety

  • 240˚ Total door travel: 120° in/120° out (permits rescue in emergency)

  • Curved door corner for foot safety

l Elegance Kicker Leaf Screen Sizes

Elegance Fixed Panel

- 600mm c/w 350mm
Kicker Leaf

Code: 999-00145
600mm Kickerleaf Screen

l Symphony Shower Screens


Enclosed Shower Screens

Elegant, easy to use and practical with a fixed panel and the option of inward or outward opening twin doors, Symphony Shower Screens offer a perfect alcove solution. With the additional Side Panel option, you can also create the perfectly enclosed corner shower space.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully reversible

  • 50mm adjustability (25mm per wall)

  • 6mm toughened (safety) glass

  • AllClear easy clean coating

  • High headroom overhead bracing bar

  • Self closing (rise/fall) hinges

  • Magnetic door closures with visible door edges for safety

  • Unique IN/OUT door opening, or can be configured to open in or out only

  • Ergonomic ‘chrome’ plated handles

  • Doorway 600mm, no threshold

l Symphony Shower Screen Sizes

- 1200mm Enclosure

Code: 258-00011


Door Pack

Code: 258-00015
1200mm -Symphony Fixed Screen
Symphony Door Pack